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One line and Short Love Quotes in English


Yes, it’s going to be hard but it’s not impossible.

Sometimes, happy memories hurt the most

Before you assume, there’s a thing a called “asking”.

We all have that friend that turned into a complete stranger.

Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.

There’s always a little pain behind every ‘It’s ok’

There’s always a little emotion behind every ‘I don’t care’

Missing someone is a part of loving them.

Today, choose to be happy.

A message from you changes my whole mood.

Sometimes all you need is a hug from the right person.

Here I am, alone again, thinking.

“My mistake is falling for you and thinking you’ll fall for me too”

Great things take time! Don’t ever give up.

Being together is a wonderful place to be.

The things that hurt you the most can teach you the greatest lessons in life.

“I’m happy that I have you in my life. Please don’t leave.”

Move on. It’s just a chapter in the past.

“The music I listen to will tell you more about me”

“Been always afraid of losing the people I love.”

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